Dear Foreign Guests

Thank you for visiting.

We are very happy to meet many guests from all over the world.


Here is information about us.

We appreciate it if you would read them before you visit.


Arabiq is a cafe, bookstore and an art gallery.

There are only 8 seats (10, at most) in our shop.

We tell every guest (nevertheless they are Japanese or foreign people)
that they cannot be seated separately, for examples 2 and 3.
It does not change at any situation, although it seems many vacant seats remain.


Please note; 

We occasionally cannot afford you seat.

We sometimes cannot give you good hospitality.

We strongly ask every guest not to shoot artworks or other guests.


<As for our attitude>

We work just the two of us.

I, the owner, work alone in some cases.

Then, I would answer in a loud voice when you enter, without going out of the kitchen.

Some of you could think it rude, but this is because I should be engaged in cooking.

The behavior is same to Japanese people.


Sometimes, I dare to tell you that there is no seat available. 

You could feel uneasy to hear “No seat” although you see some vacant seats.

This is because late serving is predicted.

I hope that you could understand the response is intended not to irritate you.


<As for privacy>


We ask all of you not to disturb local people’s daily life.

For examples, tourists frequently invade when we are closed. 

Nevertheless it is just a child or a woman, I am very scared every time.

Our business hour is 13:30-21:00(on Sundays to 20:00).

I keep the door closed and the curtain drawn in other times.

Please refrain from invading closed stores, as well as private houses.


Nakazaki-cho is now known to many tourists.

However, it is not a tourist resort.

It is the residential area for local people.

I know that the nostalgic sight is nice to taking pictures, but you cannot step in private land.

Everyday I warn both Japanese people and foreign tourists. 


<Thank you for reading. > 

To be honest, I am very upset to be mentioned as a “racist”.

I love reading and I have been reading a lot of novels around the world.

We handle artworks by wonderful artists, including Korean, Russian and Ukrainian. 

It is no doubt that I am against any kind of discrimination.